Cultivating success, globally

We are Bloomhaus, the home for growth for innovative start-ups on a global course.

Our Purpose

At Bloomhaus we support game-changing tech ideas, uniting entrepreneurs, experts and investors globally. With our know-how, we nurture talents and build a lively community of pioneers for lasting success and a sustainable tomorrow.

Our core values

Our team

Consider us your launching pad

As a team of technologists, entrepreneurs and subject matter experts, we are uniquely positioned to empower startups with the necessary resources to achieve success on a global scale.

Pascal Stürchler

Pascal Stürchler

CEO, Co-Founder - Member of the Board

Entrepreneur, mentor and coach with expertise in  

Information Technologies | Finance | Innovation | New Business Development | Go-to-Market Strategies | Sales | Leadership  

Your go-to-partner for expansion into Switzerland.

Tim Schwichtenberg

Tim Schwichtenberg

Senior Investment Manager

Entrepreneur and mentor with expertise in

Industry Tech | Automation & Robotics Mobility & Logistics | Entrepreneurship | Finance | Business Modelling | Business Development | Strategic Partnerships | Digital Products & Services

Your go-to-partner for expansion into Germany or Austria

Bruno Acklin

Bruno Acklin


Entrepreneur, business and engineering lead, coach and investor with expertise in  

Deep Tech | Optics and Semi | Business Development | Marketing | Innovation and IP | Product Design | Project Management  

Your go-to-partner for expansion into US.

Marc Tesch

Marc Tesch

Co-Founder and Chairman

Entrepreneur, engineer and investor with expertise in  

Industry 4.0 | Big Data & Artificial Intelligence | Predictive Maintenance| Business Intelligence | Innovation Assessment | Data warehousing  

Your go-to-partner for expansion into Switzerland

Ines Najorka

Ines Najorka

Partner / MarCom Advisor

MarCom professional with expertise in  

Branding | Internal & External Communication Strategy | Values & Behaviours | Stakeholder Relations | Leadership Communication & Coaching | Messaging and Narrative  

Your go-to-partner for Media and communication requests

Michel Pola

Michel Pola

Legal Counsel, Member of the Board

Attorney at law, lic. iur. (Zurich), LL.M. (Sydney)

Legal expert in the fields of Mergers & Acquisitions | Corporate and Commercial law | Corporate Finance | Compliance

Lukas Gaiser

Lukas Gaiser

Visiting Analyst

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From Seed to Tree

We create value  beyond capital

We infuse startups with resources tailored to their needs. From business strategies to scaling operations, from mental well-being to team development, from tech advisory to market entry - we connect you with the right catalyst and provide support across the spectrum.

We apply a holistic, yet flexible investment approach

Flexible and evergreen

Our focus is on lasting achievements, not hasty exits. Our evergreen investment structure allows us to invest without timing constraints. This fits the needs of startups especially in the early and seed stages.

In for the long-haul

Our initial investment usually involves a ticket of around CHF 200k – 500k depending on whether we act as co- or lead investor. However, we secure funding for subsequent rounds as well.

Startups are centre-stage

Entrepreneurs are always on a rollercoaster. At Bloomhaus, we provide hold to founding teams during the ups and downs - establishing a genuine rapport with them, fostering an environment of mutual respect and supporting ambitious startup teams to meet their goals.

Our investment process

Our due diligence process is thorough and comprehensive. We consider multiple dimensions and engage in in-depth discussions with founders and their teams. Startups can expect to hear from us 10 business days after we have received their pitch deck. Depending on the maturity of the case and pitch deck the due diligence process ranges from two months to several months. In urgent cases, we are flexible and can expedite the timeline.