The Global Player for Automated 4.0 Processes.

Eleven Dynamics supplies the critical software for individual Industry 4.0 processes, thus, enabling the operation of a Smart Factory. They already have established promising partnerships worldwide and installed multiple real-life projects with known industrial clients such as AUDI, ARRIVAL and BMW.
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Why we invested

Eleven Dynamics has pioneered one of the world's premier open platforms for automated metrology, a crucial element in the changing landscape of modern manufacturing. Manufacturing is rapidly evolving, with automation and data-driven processes at its core. Eleven Dynamics plays a vital role in this transformation by shifting quality control and the metrology industry from human-centered processes to fully automated systems, all powered by cutting-edge software. Each of our three founders brings significant experience from their roles in industry giants such as Hexagon. Their collective expertise, ambition for success, and extensive network uniquely position them to drive innovation and automation, leading the way in shaping the future of manufacturing.


Founded 2022 in Switzerland (BE)
Invested since 2023

Founding Team

Santiago Droll
Michael Fischer
Marc Cayuela


#IndustryTech #Robotics #software



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