One Platform - All Things Compliance.

"A world where businesses are always compliant, but never have to think about it.” This is the vision SECJUR is working on. With their Digital Compliance Office (DCO) SECJUR offers companies an automation platform for all compliance matters. Whether for GDPR, anti-money laundering compliance or setting up a robust information security management system (ISMS) SECJUR is the one-stop shop for all.
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Why we invested

Laws such as GDPR and the Supply Chain Act have imposed stringent compliance requirements on companies, demanding transparency and accountability for their data handling and supply chain practices. Secjur fills a crucial niche in this environment. Their software and platform solutions are essential tools for businesses to demonstrate ongoing compliance and facilitate seamless audits. As new laws continue to emerge, the demand for compliance solutions like Secjur's is poised for even greater growth. Secjur stands out due to its dynamic founding team, a blend of legal expertise and technical acumen. They have demonstrated their capability by crafting one of Europe's most promising platforms tailored for SMEs, providing comprehensive compliance solutions for GDPR, ISO 27001, and the Supply Chain Act.


Founded 2018 in Germany (HAM)
Invested since 2022


Niklas Hanitsch


#digitalization #Cyber #software #Saas



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