Smart AI-monitoring solutions.

Gradesens offers IP-protected sensor technology, data management/analytics and monitoring solutions for various industry applications (turbines, conveyor belts, trains, tunnels, etc.). Customers include Die Post, Gilgen Logistics, Ferrero, Habasit, Takeda, Andritz, Migros etc.
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Why we invested

Imagine running a factory with the ability to predict mechanical issues before they occur. Gradesens has the perfect and IP protected product for this. We are intrigued by the plug & play solution they offer: a combination of wireless vibration sensors with automated failure prediction software. The data transfer performance is unmatched.


Founded 2018 in Switzerland (FR)
Invested since 2022

Founding Team

Yvan Jacquat
Didier Nicoulaz


#IndustryTech #AL/ML #software #hardware



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