The super simple ordering app for food & beverage wholesalers.

Orderlion is revolutionizing the global food supply chain by helping food and beverage suppliers scale up their operations with its ecommerce operating system. The software integrates seamlessly with customers' ERP systems, adds an intelligence layer to their operations and automates order management across the entire food and beverage industry.
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Why we invested

The food wholesale market is one of the world’s largest economies moving 2.000bn USD of goods every year. Still, 95% of suppliers in the wholesale industry work completely offline and rely on telephone and email. Orderlion’s software automates and centralizes communication and order management, saving hours on manual order entry while boosting customer satisfaction and reducing erroneous orders and food waste.

Stefan and Patrick have what it takes to succeed: they are a great team, they know the sector by heart, they have a strong product and they are flexible to adapt and execute.


Founded 2018 in Austria
Invested since 2023

Founding Team

Dipl.-Ing. Stefan Strohmer

Dipl.-Ing. Patrick Schubert


#digitalization #software #SaaS



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