The digital payments revolution starts here.

Centi empowers both businesses and consumers. With their easy to use app Centi enables seamless, secure and cost-effective money transactions - even when it comes to crypto enthusiasts or bankless people.
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Why we invested

We are deeply convinced that blockchain and cryptocurrency, smart contracts in particular, will shape the technology landscape of the future. In today's industry, the demand is high for builders who can turn these technologies into practical, real-world solutions. Ralf and Bernhard have all the capabilities, skills and experience needed to create one of the most outstanding, cost-effective and cross-border payment solutions based on blockchain technology. We're excited to be part of Centi's journey toward reshaping the future of finance.


Founded 2022 in Switzerland (ZH)
Invested since 2023

Founding Team

Bernhard Müller
Ralf Zellweger


#digitalization #Blockchain/Web3 #software #Saas



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