Enabling the transition to a renewable world

Emost is driving forward the energy transition beyond the grid by replacing diesel generators. With their Butler S battery generator, Emost offers an innovative and environmentally friendly mobile solution to power events, the construction sector as well as numerous other applications. Thanks to the green electricity solution emost helps to improve the quality of life of people, enhance occupational safety and reduce CO2 emissions, while saving customers’ money.  Application: for construction companies, blue-light organizations, in the transport sector (especially at charging stations for e-cars), in the event industry (festivals, trade fairs, food trucks), in temporary construction and in the uninterrupted emergency power supply.
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Why we invested

Our investment in emost is driven by the shift away from noisy, polluting diesel generators on construction sites. European cities increasingly ban these generators, pushing for green technology adoption. The electrification of construction equipment further raises demand for smart energy solutions. Emost offers innovative solutions that meet the demand for clean, quiet power – just in line with our commitment to sustainability and cleaner construction sites. The highly diverse team is very experienced with a shared history at Axpo Energy and poised for success.


Founded in 2022 in Switzerland
Partnered in 2022

Founding Team

Benedikt Domke
Stefan Gradwohl
Dr. Kris Drabik
Philipp Lütolf
Dr. Christoph Sutter


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