Bridging the gap in the crop insurance market, empowering small farmers and rural communities globally.

Wingsure is a farmer-first digital insurance solution. It leverages new technologies such as machine learning, artificial intelligence and augmented reality to deliver personalized insurance products and advisories for farmers and communities. Bringing together key ecosystem partners in one platform, it helps to manage risk and protect the crop. The solution is expected to disrupt the crop insurance market.
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Why we invested

Wingsure's differentiated technology (natural language processing, image processing) will enable the company to register farmers, process claims, and (eventually) write insurance, enabling explosive growth in the crop insurance market in India and beyond. Wingsure has found favor with several insurance companies and has been recognized as the preferred solution by the Indian government.


Founded 2018 in US (NYC)
Invested since 2022

Founding Team

Avi Basu


#digitalization #Blockchain/Web3 #software #Saas



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